Husband Sharing in Miami Beach (Part 2) by Suzanne Ferrari

I led Anna back to the hotel and as soon as the elevator doors closed we were all over each other. We got off on the 6th floor and I opened the door. I could hear the shower running so Dan would have no idea what was waiting for him when he got out.

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Husband Sharing in Miami Beach (Part 1) by Suzanne Ferrari

We went to Miami right before Thanksgiving for little bit of sunshine, safe to say, we got a little bit extra.

Dan and I were staying at this cute boutique hotel right on Ocean Blvd in Miami Beach, we had an ocean view room because I’m super extra and need to see the water as soon as I wake up. Dan likes to sleep in a little bit, so I walked down to the coffee shop every morning to grab an Americano. On Tuesday morning I decided to enjoy my coffee on the beach. I was sitting in the sand just watching the waves when a super hot jogger ran past. I’ve always envied people who run on the beach, I just can’t do it. As I continued to sip and watch for dolphins, she ran past again but this time she gave me a little wave. I waved back of course. She smiled and slowed down approaching me.

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How to be a Cuckquean

A lot of men and women have the fantasy of inviting another woman into their bedroom. For some, it is just a fantasy, for some it can become a reality. Whether you are married or dating, poly or in an open relationship, the most important step is communication and consent with all involved parties.

As a woman with a cuckquean fetish, I can walk you through the process, but please always remember that there are other people involved and they aren’t actors to just play out your fantasy. They are people with their own needs and wants as well.

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Intro to my Blog

Hey guys, so this is my blog. It will have a little bit of everything. I’m going to share fun stories from behind the scenes, some personal thoughts, and some sexy erotica based on our real-life experiences.

Bookmark this page to get to know me better.

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Cuckquean's Night Out by Suzanne Ferrari

There's this one restaurant that's one of my favorite places to go for a night out. The food is phenomenal, the ambiance inviting, and the service is great. Dan knows this and chose to take me there for a midweek surprise dinner just because. He loves to spoil me.

I wore a cute, casual top with a flirty hem, capris, and a pair of sandals. Dan looked extra handsome in a grey Henley. When we got to the restaurant, they sat us at a table near the back in a little alcove. It was very romantic and I could feel myself getting excited for what the night might have in store. My pulse fluttered against my ribcage and I bit my lip, flushing. Dan just smiled.

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