Behind The Scenes With Adorable Slut Nicole Aria


Dan Ferrari, Nicole Aria, Suzanne Ferrari


With her short brunette hair tousled and a mischievous glint in her eye, Nicole Aria stands before Mistress Suzanne, clad in seductive pink lingerie. She boldly declares her desire to be degraded, a request that only fuels the MILF's dominant desires. Suzanne teasingly tightens her grip around Nicole's throat, eliciting gasps of pleasure and pain from the submissive brunette. But it isn't until a hard slap lands on her face that Nicole truly submits to her mistress's control. "Are you going to be a good girl?" Ms. Ferrari growls, silencing Nicole with her own panties stuffed into the smaller woman's mouth. With no words to spare, Nicole spreads her legs eagerly as Suzanne slides a long double-dildo into her tight, shaved pussy. And just when she thinks she can take no more, the mistress adds a vibrating touch to the mix. As Nicole rides the sex toy with abandon, Suzanne watches with satisfaction as the naked lesbian succumbs to wave after wave of intense orgasms. The room echoes with their moans and gasps until finally, spent and trembling, Nicole collapses into a blissful puddle at her mistress's feet.


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