I Covered Rebecca Vanguard's Bush In Cum


Dan Ferrari, Rebecca Vanguard, Suzanne Ferrari


Rebecca and Dan have had sex quite a few times. So this time Suzanne wanted to get a little more involved. Dan finds Suzanne and Rebecca chatting and making out and it’s so hot how could he not join them. Suzanne pulls Dan’s Cock out and feeds it to Rebecca who is happy to have Suzanne push her head down to see how deep she can get it. Suzanne is all smiles while Rebecca chokes on her husbands Cock. Now Suzanne wants to see more so she has Rebecca bend over so Dan can shove his hard cock into her tight wet pussy. It’s so hot and hot watching Suzanne and Rebecca make out while Dan fucks Rebecca from behind. Suzanne wants to hold Rebecca and watch the cock slide in and out now so Rebecca lays on Suzanne so they can both see the show. It’s just too hot and they want to see some cum and Dan is not one to disappoint. He covers Rebeccas bush and pussy with the biggest load I’ve ever seen!


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