A Teen Slut for Valentine’s Day


Dan Ferrari, Lexi Grey


When you’ve been married as long as Dan and I you have to get creative with Valentine’s Day presents. What’s a better present than a teen slut, ripe for fucking? Nothing, so that’s what I got him. Lexi shows off how much she likes to deepthroat and gag on cock. Here’s a hint, she likes it A LOT. This is one of sportiest nastiest facefucking blowjobs Dan has ever gotten. But wait, there’s more! After that it’s time to get cock into pussy. Lexi likes it rough so there’s plenty of spit for lube, hard fucking, choking, hair pulling, and just so much more. And of course a massive cumshot that Lexi smiles while Dan unloads on her. After all the fun is over they head to the shower where Lexi unleashes her bladder on Dan. He loved every second.


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