Sidra Sage Gets Fucked and Eats Ass


Dan Ferrari, Sidra Sage


Sidra Sage and Dan Ferrari are making out on the bed, they are ready to start taking things to the next level. First, Dan pulls up Sidra's T-shirt to reveal her small, but perky tits. Then he proceeded to lick and suck on them. This is enough to make him fully hard. Dan takes out his cock and shoves it down Sidra's throat, she loves it. He lays down and lets Sidra choke and slobber all over his hard dick. Then, Dan wants to return the favor. He takes off Sidra's panties and starts eating her pussy to make her extra wet. Once she is dripping, he puts his cock inside her and starts to fuck Sidra on her back. After that, they take a bit of a break, which Dan uses to eat Sidra's ass for a bit. Sidra loves it so much, that she decides she wants to give it a try as well, so she starts eating Dan's ass. Once they are fully rested, Dan gets on his back and lets Sidra ride his cock as hard as she can. They change the position a few times; cowgirl, reverse cowgirls, then from the back, until, finally, Dan blows his whole load on Sidra's face.


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